Magic Powder

Our Le Grand Magic Powder is a natural, oenological tool used during vinification to help lift the fruit, build structure and mouth feel, reduce any present green characteristics and stabilize color enzymes. It acts as a cleansing agent for your wine but will not add oak flavors or aromas. Our powder is highly successful on all conditions and varieties of fruit and is not solely for damaged or under ripe grapes.


  • Great cleansing agent to rid of green and vegetal characteristics
  • Builds mouthfeel by broadening the palate and lengthening the wine
  • Lifts mid-palate roundness through tannin polymerization
  • Stabilizes and increases color
  • Helps damaged wines with high pyridine levels and rot
  • Available Toasts: Neutral & Medium



The Le Grand French oak chips are medium in size to allow for quick extraction as well as better integration into your wine. Our 24 month seasoning removes “planky” and raw wood characteristics while helping to contribute elegant vanilla and sweet oak flavors and aromas. They help to build structure and weight while respecting the balance of the wine. They have a high organoleptic contribution while minimizing the drying effect that chips can be known for. This application is best used between primary and ML fermentations as well as for flashing, but can be used during primary fermentation as well.


  • High Organoleptic contribution
  • Brings elegant vanilla or mocha flavors depending on toast
  • Greatly increases structure and mouthfeel while respecting wine balance
  • Quick impact without drying the wine
  • Available Toasts: Medium & Medium +

Magic Cubes

Our signature Le Grand Magic Cubes are a unique offering in the alternative market as they are cut directly from 27mm barrel staves. This approach produces an alternative product that extracts fairly quickly but integrates extremely well. Our Magic Cubes offer you a solution for achieving incredible tannin integration from an alternative product with a fairly quick maturation time due to a minimized end-grain exposure. Magic Cubes will not over power your fruit, but rather, will contribute length and structure while lifting the fruit and bringing out fresh fruit forward characteristics. Our convection toasting lends to great consistency from cube to cube so you can be confident in the repeatability of impact and integration.


  • Exceptionally controlled & consistent toasting
  • Great tannin integration during maturation
  • Builds structure and gives length
  • designed to lift fresh fruit characteristics
  • Ideal for medium weight wines
  • Available Toasts: Neutral, Medium & Medium +

Fan Staves

Our double immersion toasted Fan Staves are produced only from Fine and Extra Fine grain wood. Double water immersion prior to toasting allows us to toast longer to help fully penetrate the 10mm staves ensuring consistency in our toasting. The grain selection lends to better integration into the wine while still offering a powerful impact and quick extraction. Our Fan Staves yield a large and complex range of aromatics and flavors depending on your toasting options and combinations. This easy to install system gives quick and easy control to the winemaker when trying to achieve specific aromatics, flavors and mouthfeel. Can be used during fermentation or maturation.


  • Fine & Extra-fine grain wood helps with integration
  • Quick extraction and powerful impact
  • Exceptionally controlled and consistent toasting
  • Combining toasting profiles offers a range of aromatics and flavors
  • Pre-drilled holes for easy tank set up
  • Available Toasts: Neutral, Medium & Medium +

Magic Staves

Our signature Le Grand Magic Staves are intended for maturation or fermentation of premium wines. Our 27mm barrel staves are an ultra premium and cost effective solution for winemakers looking for oak flavors, aromas and mouthfeel that are very well integrated in the wine. Our minimum 24 month seasoned Magic Staves are more likely compared to the maturation and integration characteristics from that of barrels rather than other alternative products. This unique product ensures consistency and control to winemakers looking to create a premium product at a competitive price.


  • New oak percentage is customizable to best suit your needs (compared to barrels)
  • 3 toast levels available Designed to allow barrel imitation
  • Integrates extremely well while building structure & length to the palate
  • Can be used during primary & secondary fermentations as well as for aging
  • Better compared to barrels then any other alternative
  • Available Toasts: Neutral, Medium & Medium +


ZZ10 & ZZ15

Our Le Grand Oak ZZ10 & ZZ15 products are for through the bung barrel applications. Our focus with Le Grand Oak Alternatives is on integration into your wine and our ZZ inserts are no exception. Our ZZ’s are not produced from thin staves in order to reduce end-grain exposure. They take a bit longer to extract, on average, but yield a very well integrated oak profile for your wine. Our available Lumineuse toast is ideal for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. They are connected using food grade zip ties to avoid a mesh sleeve mixing with the lees.


  • Easy installation & removal
  • Great tannin integration during maturation
  • Helps build structure and weight to the mid-palate
  • Full control over oak impact to meet your needs
  • Available Toasts: Lumineuse, Medium & Medium +

Head Inserts

The Le Grand Head Inserts are installed through the head of your neutral barrels to remain out of the way when filling, toping or stirring lies. They will revive your neutral barrels offering nuanced flavors and aromas to your wine. Our 10mm thick, double immersion fan staves are cut in half to create our Head Inserts. They are installed perpendicular to the barrel staves allowing space between the barrel staves and the Head Insert system for improved cleaning of your barrel with the system installed. We offer a full service install program for your head inserts so you don’t need to worry about installation. Each system, which is comprised of two 10 stave sets, is equivalent to 60% of a new oak barrel.


  • Professional installation and removal at your facility
  • Revive barrel attributes at a fraction of the cost
  • Fine and extra-fine grain wood lend to great integration
  • Contributes Barrel-like flavors and mouthfeel
  • Available Toasts: Lumineuse, Medium & Medium +

Toast Profiles


Extremely light toast to remove raw wood characteristics. Builds structure and mouth feel without adding much oak flavors and aromas to the wine.

Available for: Magic Powder, Magic Cubes, Fan Staves & Magic Staves



An immersion toast with low heat for a longer period of time. Designed for delicate reds and white wines. Helps to lift the fruit and adds a sweet oak character to the wine.

Available for: ZZ10, ZZ15 & Head Inserts



Moderate heat and temperature toast that contributes caramel, brown sugar and sweet spice characteristics.

Available for: All Products


Medium +:

Medium-high heat to contribute slight smoky, mocha, coffee and dark chocolate flavors.

Available for: All Products (except Magic Powder)

Suggested Dosage

Our dosage recommendations are based on stave quantity or weight of product per 100 gallons of wine to represent 100% new oak equivalent.


Magic Powder:

lbs per ton for fermentation (for damaged fruit, use lbs per ton)



2 lbs per 100 gallons equals 100% new oak


Magic Cubes:

6 lbs per 100 gallons equals 100% new oak


Fan Staves:

20 staves per 100 gallons equals 100% new oak


Magic Staves:

10 staves per 100 gallons equals 100% new oak



One system (10 segments) equals 20% new oak (for barrels fed through the bung)



One system (15 segments) equals 30% new oak (for barrels fed through the bung)


Head Insert:

One system (20 pieces) equals 60% new oak (requires barrel head removal for installation)